Indoor Air Quality
    Mold Preventing Interior Coatings & Compounds

Mold Preventing Interior System

The coatings and compounds below are designed to work with Mold Preventing Interior Boards, Insulation Boards and Trim to create a monolithic interior surface that fights mold by denying it a place to grow. Capillary action of natural minerals provide a surface that eliminates condensation and moisture accumulation. High alkaline content adds to a very hostile environment for mold. Yet it is completely safe and provides a healthier, cleaner environment for humans.

Special Adhesive
Adhesive for Installation of Interior Wall Board

Ready-to-use, sulfate-resistant, resin-modified, Portland-cement-based, ready-mixed mortar.
Filler & Joint Compound
Filler for Installation of Interior Wall Board

A special, gypsum-free, anti-mold compound for joints, surface leveling and finish coat; highly adhesive.
Special Primer
Primer for Coatings & Plasters

Silicate Dispersion Primer that is free of solvents. Prepares surfaces for coating & plaster.
Anti-Condensation Coating
Interior Anti-condensation Coating

A microporous coating to help
regulate indoor air humidity
and prevent the formation of mold.
Clay Plaster Finish
Natural Clay Plaster Hastens Evaporation

Natural, odorless, completely non-toxic interior wall and ceiling finish promotes vapor diffusion denying mold a place to grow.
Active Plaster & Paint
Active Plaster Cleans Room Air & Cleans Itself

A tintable plaster and paint system that neutralizes hazardous pollutants in the air and provides a healthy and comfortable room environment. The self-cleaning, permanently white finish.
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