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Anti-Condensation Coating

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Anti-Condensation Coating is a microporous coating to help regulate indoor air humidity and prevent the formation of mold. The micropores enlarge the surface area for evaporation (applied in 1 mm thickness) by a factor of 12,000. It works faster than mold because moisture evaporates on the resultant enlarged surface area immediately, long before moisture is able to supply the mold with nutrients.

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 to prevent the growth of mold
 for the absorption of excess humidity in indoor air
 for the prevention of condensate
 for the creation of a comfortable indoor climate
 for all common surfaces
 mineral surfaces like plaster, concrete, pore concrete, masonry and calcium silicate
 primed metal surfaces
 like adherent and sustainable coatings like mineral, dispersion and alkyd coatings

Mold Preventing Coating

Compatible Components:
 Calcium silicate board
 Filler (for joints and all over the surface)
 Primer (for priming the interior surface before finishing)

 Aqueous, solvent-free acrylic dispersion
 high opacity
 allows high water damp diffusion
 micro-pore structure prevents the formation of condensate
 suitable for painting and spray painting
 can be textured (like woodchip wallpaper)
 emissions examination by the Bremer Umweltinstitut
 physically approved by the Bremen Institute for Materials Testing

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