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Mold Preventing Clay Plaster

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Fine Clay Plaster Natural Interior Finish is odorless and completely non-toxic. Interior wall and ceiling finish requires no reinforcement like horsehair or straw. Clay plaster promotes vapor diffusion denying mold a place to grow. Its earth tone brown color encourages natural eco-friendly design. Can be applied to our interior and insulating boards as well as other appropriate mineral surfaces.

Technical Sheet PDF

 for application on Mold Preventing Interior System and Insulating Board and other appropriate mineral surfaces.
 providing a healthy and comfortable indoor climate

 dry, without straw or horsehair
 for machine use
 design friendly light brown color
 improves the indoor climate
 made of special loam and natural ingredients

Mold Preventing Plaster

Compatible Components:
 Mold Preventing Board
 Interior Insulation Board
 Special Filler
 Special Primer

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