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Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo is a very earth-friendly material because of how fast it grows. Five years of bamboo growth equals 40 years of hardwood growth. Considered a grass, bamboo is a very durable, long lasting fencing material that resists splitting and holds up to the elements.


Landscape and Safety surfaces
Eco-Rubber provides a variety of recycled rubber products for landscaping and outdoor safety surfacing. Pour-in-place Rainbow Turf, Curbing, Tree Rings, and Safety Mat for playgrounds, parks and gardens.


Native Landscaping
From landscape design to installation, Eco-$mart offers an alternative to wasteful irrigation and chemically dependant lawns and gardens. Native plants use far less water, fertilizer and pesticides, and require far less time to maintain. Your yard will look great all year long, even during drought and extreme weather periods.

Eco-Rubber from Recycled Rubber Eco-Rubber Stone Pavers

Cobblestones, Tilestones, Flag Stones & Stepping Stones

The look and feel of stone, but light weight and easy to install. Manufactured from recycled rubber, these pavers have the strength, longevity and durability of stone.

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