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Bamboo Fencing

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Tam Vong Bamboo is a thick walled Vietnamese bamboo that resists splitting and holds up to the elements. It out-performs Cedar as an outdoor fencing and furnishing material. Our Bamboo Fencing is made from poles chosen for consistent high quality and natural color. Lashed together with flexible wire, rolled fences are easy to transport and install.

All rolled fences are wired together using 8 gauge copper wire to prevent rusting. Can be nailed or screwed (pre-drilling recommended). Rolled Black Bamboo Fence
Rolled Black Bamboo
Rolled Tam Vong Bamboo Fence
Rolled Tam Vong
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Rolled Tonkin Bamboo Fence
Rolled Tonkin
Rolled Split Bamboo Fence
Rolled Split Fence
Rolled Pine Brush Fence
Rolled Pine Brush

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