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Complete Shell Packages

SIPs are high-performance building panels for floors, walls and roofs in residential and commercial buildings. Structural Insulated Panels use expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation sandwiched between two structural skins of steel (used in the patented Secure-Lockô panel). The result is a building envelope system that is very strong, predictable, energy efficient, and cost effective.

Why build with SIPs?

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Residential SIP
Residential Complete Shell Packages
Commercial SIP
SIP for Commercial Buildings
Eco-$mart offers four pre-engineered and precut homes utilizing Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology. Two Packages are available for all models, the Structural Shell and the Complete Shell. All packages erect quickly, are stronger than conventional framing and extremely energy efficient. The SIP offers a wide range of design flexibility, and has been used in a variety of applications including in-plant offices, freestanding units, houses, restaurants, industrial storage units, carport facilities and loading zone canopies.