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Mold Preventing Interior Insulation Board

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Insulation Board is a highly effective interior insulation board for application in existing buildings and new structures. Suitable for walls, ceilings and the perfect choice for basements. Easy to cut and install, Insulation Board can be used where conventional insulation is not an option. For renovation of historic buildings and older homes, as well as new construction with non-conventional architecture. Interior Insulation Board is a component of the Mold Preventing Indoor System.

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 thermal insulation of external walls from the inside
 thermal insulation of ceilings in the interior

 non-combustible (A1)
 high tear-off strength
 easy to handle
 ecological manufacture
 recommended by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim, Germany

Mold Preventing Coating

Compatible Components:
 Calcium silicate board
 Filler (for joints and all over the surface)
 Primer (for priming the interior surface before finishing)

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