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24V DC Wall Pack

40 Watt70 Watt
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Eco-$mart Price: Quoted


100 Watt Wall Pack Induction Light  Die cast aluminum housing with gray, bronze, black or white powder coat finish
 UV stabilized, heat resistant polycarbonate lens
 Light weight and compact structure for easy maintenance
 Optional step-dimming ballast for use with sensors for additional energy savings
 Electronic ballast with high power factor
 Vibration & Shock Resistant Construction
Specifications 40 Watt PDF  70 Watt PDF  
Wattage:  100w
Lamp Life Rating:  100,000 hours
Ballast Life Rating:  60,000 hours
CCT:  5000k
CRI:  90
IP Rating:  IP54
Applications:  Induction lighting retrofits outdoor security lighting, schools, shopping centers, garages

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