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Eco-$mart Price: Quoted
Eco-$mart Price: Quoted
Eco-$mart Price: Quoted
30 Watt Center Heat Sink Induction Light Bulb

Rated 50,000 Hours

 Compact integrated structure, match for all kinds of small size lighting fixtures, in a multitude of standard base applications.
 CRI over 80
 Lumens Efficiency: 70 lumens per watt
 Rated Voltage: 170-250V (need other voltage please specify)
 Power factor: =0.93
 Shell temperature: <60 C
 Working Temperature: -20 to +50C
 Can be E27, E40 or flat base (if need other base, please specify)
 Special design metal heat sink, which can lower bulb termperature
 Special design base and bulb can be easily detachable
 Full range of color temperatures.
Watts / Current 20 / 0.09A 30 / 0.13A 35 / 0.16A
Volts 120/220 VAC 120/220 VAC 120/220 VAC
Power Factor 0.93 0.93 0.93
Lumens 1400 2100 2450
Weight 0.33kg
Length 205mm
Diameter 75mm
Color Temp 2700K to 6500K
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