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There are several ways that individuals and organizations can join the Eco-$mart, Inc. effort, helping themselves while helping improve the planet. The Eco-$mart, Inc. marketing program is designed to be an organically-expanding network of like-minded individuals and groups who will spread the word and help humanity while profiting from more people investing in a sustainable future for us all.

Contractors and distributors can sign up for special pricing in the Eco-$mart Catalog, creating a profit margin for using and selling Eco-$mart, Inc. features in their construction projects.Eco-$mart, Inc. will provide design assistance, connect contractors to qualified subcontractors and sources of energy efficient financing (allows buyers to qualify for larger loans based upon the same income), and provide free media promotion for participating businesses.

Individuals, schools, nonprofit organizations and even private companies can become a part of Eco-$mart, Inc. by signing up as Agents or Referring Partners of Eco-$mart, Inc., earning commissions or referral fees for sending purchasers to Eco-$mart, Inc.

Individuals and communities can get involved with Eco-$mart ELEVATE, another community-enhancing program brought to you by the nonprofit Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development (I4SD), partners with Sarasota County Cooperative Extension Service in the creation of the Florida House Learning Center in Sarasota, FL.

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