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Eco-$mart Referring Partner
Eco-$mart Referring Partner
Become an Eco-$mart Referring Partner

There are two ways that organizations and individuals can participate in our Referring Partner Program. First, like-minded individuals or businesses whose customers are in a position to benefit from learning about Eco-$mart, Inc. (such as Real Estate or Mortgage professionals) can become Referring Partners and introduce all of their customers to Eco-$mart, Inc. in exchange for inclusion in our Referring Partner website section and related promotions.

Second, the Referring Partner Program was designed to help schools and nonprofit groups raise funds for projects. Instead of, or in addition to having bake sales or car washes, they can collect a 2% referral fee for sending people to Eco-$mart, Inc. to improve their own homes and buildings, while helping to improve the planet. Approved applicants will receive a Referring Partner agreement explaining the program in detail.


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