Brac Greywater System

Brac Greywater Systems can reduce your home’s water use by 30%. This saves you money while helping to save the environment. A Brac System will pay for itself, and pay dividends in the future with a clean, abundant water supply for our children and their children to come.

Residential Systems
Brac W-125
Brac W-200
Brac W-350
Brac W-450
Brac LB-300
Brac W-500
Brac W-502
Lift Station
Lift Station
Pressure Tanks
Pressure Tanks
Sump Kit
Sump Kit
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Brac Information

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 How it works

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Certification & Approvals

 2008 IAPMO Listing PDF

 Florida Plumbing Code Greywater Section PDF

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 Georgia Plumbing Code Amendments 2009 PDF

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Connecting Multiple RGW Systems in Series

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 BRAC Owner’s Manual PDF

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 Spec Sheet CGW-19800 PDF

 Spec Sheet RGW-150 PDF

 Spec Sheet RGW-250 PDF

 Spec Sheet RGW-350 PDF

 Spec Sheet RGW-450 PDF

 Spec Sheet RGW-500 PDF

 Spec Sheet RGW-502 PDF

 Spec Sheet SGW-500 to 2000 PDF

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Sample Plan Submission for Building Code Approval

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SGW2000 - More Info Coming Soon
New January 2009SGW-2000 Sneak Peek!
More info coming soon.
Commercial Capacity Brac Systems
Sized for Institutions & Industry 1110 to 1745 Gallon Capacity
The perfect solution for facilities with up to 180 people who want to save money on their water bill, while helping the environment.
Installation Photos  
Pictures of Brac Unit
Brac Units
Pictures of Brac Installation
Pictures of Brac Installation
Pictures of Brac Installation
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A Brac System saves
water every day.

Global water consumption has risen almost tenfold since 1900. Many parts of the world are now reaching the limits of their supply. World population is expected to increase by 45% in the next thirty years, while freshwater runoff is expected to increase by 10%. UNESCO has predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem.

It is obvious that we cannot increase demands for water much more without detrimental effects to the environment, society and the economy. Itís time to become water efficient! This involves reassessing our relationship with water, and learning to use it more sparingly. On the most basic level, it requires a behavioural change, and assigning a value to water that truly reflects its worth.

The Brac Greywater System is the solution! It is composed of patented, state-of-the-art components that filter used water from your shower, bath and laundry, and then reuses it for your toiletís evacuation system.

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