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    River Recovered Heart Pine & Cypress


Item Number: CW-RRC

Cypress is known as "the Wood Eternal" because of the everlasting quality of this rare wood. These giant trees towered over the ancient swamps and wetlands of the southern U.S. A very slow growing species, it can take over 50 years to produce a single inch of growth.

Old growth Cypress is very durable and well suited for interior trim and moulding as well as many exterior applications. We offer full width and full length lumber from old growth, river retrieved, deadhead logs. Characteristics that this wood features make it ideal for a myriad of applications.

Example of Cypress
  • Superior resistance to decay, rot and insect damage
  • Highly durable; known as the "Wood Eternal"
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Striking color consistency ranging from golden yellow to soft olive, from chocolate tones to a beautiful red patina
  • Available in full width and length lumber from old growth trees
  • Substantial heart content
  • Historically significant
  • Environmentally sound
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