Solar Powered Attic Fan
Self Flashed   Sol-AttFan-SF

Self Flashed Solar Powered Attic Fan Self Flashed Base is designed for sloped low profile roof installations such as composite shingle. Minimum slope should be greater than 2:12 and maximum slope should be less than 6:12. The based is attached to the roof decking with either roofing nails or screws. Care should be taken to waterproof the based to the roof decking and roofing materials. Use the highest quality roofing silicon. Always determine the amount of run off water at the head of the base. If the location of the fan is an area where there may be an excessive amount of run-off water, then use a curb-mount base.
 1275 CFM     20 watt Monocrystalline Panel     Shipping weight 23 lbs
Front, Side, Top, Bottom
Solar Powered Attic Fan
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