Rainwater Harvesting Components 

A Rainwater Harvesting system requires three basic Component Types:

Collection Storage Utility

Rainwater Utility components greatly enhance the potential for use of harvested rainwater. Pumps can be installed that create pressure for irrigation, car washing, and fountains. Add an in-house purification system, and rainwater can be used to flush toilets and wash clothes. Level monitors and autofill valves can aid in seamlessly integrating your rainwater harvesting system with current water supplies.

Tank Level Monitors

Site-Glass Tank Level Monitor Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Site-glass and remote electronic monitoring

Float Controlled Auto-Fill Valve

Float Controlled Auto-fill for seamless integration

Auto-fill for seamless integration

Pumps and Connection Kits

Pump with enclosure to match tank Several Pump Capacity Options Pump Connection Kit

Electronically Controlled Pumping System

Intelligent Pump System Treats Water for In-house use

Water Treatment for In-house use.

UV Purification and Triple Filtration

UV light purification with triple filtration

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