Rainwater Harvesting Components 

A Rainwater Harvesting system requires three basic Component Types:

Collection Storage Utility

Rainwater Collection components include RainTube, leaf-catchers and first flush seperators that prepare rainwater collected from your roof for storage. Below are a few examples of the wide range of components that are available to customize a Rainwater Harvesting System to your specific needs and resources.

RainTube Gutter Protection

RainTube Gutter Protection

Gutter to Tank Connection Kit

Connection Kit

Heavy Duty, High Volume Debris Diverters

(Shown without screens)

Heavy Duty High Volume Debris Diverter Heavy Duty Debris Diverter

High Capacity Leaf Catcher

HDPE High Volume Debris Diverter
First Flush Diverter
Above Ground First Flush Diverter Components
Underground First Flush Diverter Components
Drawing and Description of Common First Flush Above Ground First Flush Diverter
Underground First Flush Diverter

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