Linkable Undercounter
Fluorescent Fixture
Linkable Undercounter Fluorescent Fixture

 UL/cUL Listed  Built-in Electronic Ballast
 Low Profile and Light Weight  Suitable for Tight Spaces
 Ideal for Book Shelves, Display Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets  All Units are 0.9" Wide and 1.7" High

Item Number: LTLFF-UC

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Energy Saving
Lamp Included!

Available Fixtures:
!tinydiamond.gif  8 Watt -- 13.5" Long Fixture
!tinydiamond.gif  13 Watt -- 22.5" Long Fixture
!tinydiamond.gif  21 Watt -- 35.5" Long Fixture
!tinydiamond.gif  28 Watt -- 47.3" Long Fixture
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