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Outdoor Tiles - Installation Accessories

Half-Tile Half Tiles are designed so that application can be installed in a staggered layout. A different color may be used to create a decorative edge.
Eco-Rubber Tile Wedge Wedges & Wedge Tiles are used around the perimeter of an area to create a transition. They can be adhered to the edge of the tile and/or glued to the sub-surface. Different colored wedges can be used to create a “warning strip”.
  1-1/2” transition wedge - 1-1/2” x 19-1/2” long x 19-1/2” wide
  2-1/4” transition wedge - 2-1/4” x 19-1/2” long x 6” wide
  3-1/2” transition wedge - 3-1/2” x 19-1/2” long x 12” wide
Inside and Outside Corners Corner Wedges compliment the transition wedges. There are inside and outside corner wedges, designed for use on all 90° angles.
  1-1/2” corner wedge - 1-1/2” x 9-3/4” long (inside edge) x 6” wide
  2-1/4” corner wedge - 2-1/4” x 9-3/4” long (inside edge) x 6” wide
  3-1/2” corner wedge - 3-1/2” x 10” long (inside edge) x 12” wide
Eco-Rubber Wheel Chair Ramp Wheelchair Ramps are designed to meet ADA requirements for ramp standards.
  2-1/4” wheelchair ramp - 2-1/4” x 24” long x 39” wide
  3-1/2” wheelchair ramp - 3-1/2” x 39” long x 39” wide
Made from Recycled Materials Eco-Rubber is manufactured using recycled rubber, reducing pollution from incineration and landfill typically used for discarding worn out tires.
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