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Clubhouse Tiles feature a unique dowel-rod fastening system for easy installation and quick movement or replacement. With adhesive-free or fully adhered installation options, tiles can even be placed over existing floor surfaces to save valuable time and money. ProShop tiles are manufactured with concentrated recycled material and an innovative pedestal underside to easily route cables beneath the surface, while delivering superior ergonomic comfort.

dot24 (61cm) x 24 (61cm) x 1 (25mm)
dotNoise and shock resistant
dotSound and shock absorbent
dotSpike resistant
dotAdhesive-free or fully adhered installation
dotCan contribute up to 8 points toward LEED certification

Item Number: ER-Golf-Pro

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Available Colors
Sand Bunker Tan
Gravel Grey
Sun-Dried Mulch
Made from Recycled Materials Eco-Rubber is manufactured using recycled rubber, reducing pollution from landfill and incineration.