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Conch Counter Top and Sink
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Ecologically harvested, recycled Conch Shell from the Carribean.

From the Turks and Caicos Islands, the largest producers of Conch in the world, comes an exciting new material that is as beautiful as it is versatile. Conch shell is gathered, recycled and processed by local workers on the Islands to create a natural, ecologically friendly product.

Raw Material Conch Shell

No wild conch is harvested. The bonding agent is a combination of liguid materials both synthetic and natural making the products produced 85% to 90% natural. Waste products are disposed to assure that there is and never will be damage to the island and the waters around the plant. Low VOC emissions make it the perfect addition to a healthy home.

Although this Conch Shell surface is usually used for counter tops and sinks, it can be formed and custom colored to customer specifications.

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Conch Hard Surface Colors
Colors will vary with screen and printer configuration. See your Eco-$mart Representative for physical samples.
Conch Counter Tops and Hard Surface is the perfect compliment to furniture built with Eco-$mart Carpentry Wood