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ConsERV Reduces:
 smells and musty odors
 conditions fostering mold
 excess humidity
 tobacco smoke
 cooking odors
 offgassing from carpets, paints, and other construction materials

AHRI Certified Approvals

ConsERV™ Brings Fresh Air Into Your Home – Without The Hassles. Opening the windows and doors of your home is a great way to bring in fresh air and wash out the stale, recirculated air. But, that can present a long list of problems:  bad weather conditions, uncomfortable temperatures, security risks, humidity, pollen, dust or pests and noise. With the ConsERV system on, it is like being able to keep your windows and doors open, flowing a continuous stream of filtered fresh air every hour of the day, but without the hassle.

Lower Energy Bills – Lower Carbon Footprint
A home with recirculated, stuffy air requires you to lower the temperature to make it "feel" comfortable. When you introduce filtered fresh air regularly, you can raise your thermostat 4-6 degrees and have the same level of comfort. U.S. Department of Energy studies show ConsERV can save you 12 percent to 15 percent on cooling or heating costs every month, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your home. These benefits are huge to you and the environment.

Indoor Air Pollution & Chemicals
The U.S. EPA says indoor pollution is two to three times higher than outdoor pollution! This toxic indoor living environment is contributing to chronic health problems. This is especially critical to pregnant women, babies, children, the sick and elderly. While ConsERV can’t cure these illnesses, it can reduce the conditions which trigger them.

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How does the ERV work?
The enthalpic core at the center of the unit transfers heat and moisture from the incoming air to the outgoing air. The air brought into the living area is cooled and the humidity is reduced for maximum comfort. The load on your air conditioner is less, and you save on cooling costs.

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