The Greyter HOME Water System

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Additional Information and Specifications: “Greyter Water Systems has completed it’s next generation residential greywater system – The Greyter HOME.

The Greyter HOME recycles shower and bath water so that it can be reused for toilet flushing or for irrigation.The patent pending Greyter HOME is the first of its kind – A cost effective energy efficient water savings solution that is easy to install, capable of meeting water quality standards of major markets, while requiring little maintenance and a small footprint in the home.Residential Home Solutions

Some of the Benefits:

Supplies all of the water required for a typical household’s toilet flushing
Reduces indoor water consumption by 25-30%
Provides superior water quality – designed to meet NSF 350 standards
Capable of reducing hot water heating costs by 20-25% with drain water heat recovery
Certain components of the residential greywater system are similar to Greyter’s commercial buildings solutions. However, in order to meet reliability, and ease of use goals demanded by the residential market place, Greyter has developed proprietary filtration and treatment innovation that has been designed and tested within its patent pending Greyter HOME product. The Greyter HOME will be launched first to production builders in markets with established professional maintenance and service providers. The Greyter HOME greywater system will be best installed in newly built homes and major renovations as the system requires plumbing to be installed from bathrooms to the system, usually located in the mechanical room of a basement.

Therefore, in order to make a home a Greyter HOME, you must proactively plumb so that it is “Greyter Water Ready”. We require four things:

Dedicated supply lines to the toilets
Overflow – tie into sanitary
Vent – system needs to be vented.”

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