The Commercial Greywater System (CGW)

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Additional Information and Specifications: “Greyter’s CGW System is designed for medium to large size buildings that are 10 stories and under. In all building types greywater or rainwater can be used of toilet flushing or irrigation and all sources of water are filtered and disinfected before reuse.

We offer out-of-the-box water reuse technology to meet the needs of buildings with a wide range of water uses depending on the quantity of water available. Whether a large condominium or small hotel, we offer solutions for both large and small applications. A Greyter system can be installed in new buildings and in many instances retrofitted for existing buildings.

The pump station features the Greyter Commercial Controller, our proprietary electronic water management controller, which is responsible for the monitoring and control of the entire system, including greywater tank levels, system pressure and temperature, actuated valve control, disinfecting circuit, greywater diversion and water usage monitoring.”

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