Induction Lighting

Solar Wind Hybrid
Solar & Wind Hybrid Street Light

Induction Lighting is so energy efficient, it makes possible a fully functioning street light that is off the grid! Installed indoors and out, induction lighting can reduce energy use by up to 60%. Induction lighting fixtures have the option of dimming to 50% power, then instantly coming up to full power when motion is detected, increasing energy savings. Businesses can become more competitive. Municipalities and schools can spend limited funds on more sustainable efforts than the constant consumption of costly energy. All will benefit from fewer power plant emissions.

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Ballasted Induction Lamps
Ballasted Induction Lamps
Self-Ballasted & Remote Ballasted Induction Lamps directly replace or retrofit less efficient lamps. From 15 to 500 Watts.
Indoor Lights
Indoor Induction Lighting

High-Bay, Low Bay and Recessed Lighting for warehouses, factories, showrooms, gymnasiums, retail and stores.

Outdoor & Security Lights
Indoor Induction Lighting

Garage Lights, Canopy Lights, Flood Lights and Wall Packs for parking lots, garages, gas stations, schools, and malls.

Street & Walk Lights
Indoor Induction Lighting

Street Lights, Walk Lights, and Yard Lights for freeway, roadway, secondary roads, parkways, drives, lots, and off street areas.

Unmatched Energy & Maintenance Savings
 100,000 hour rated lamp life
 Replaces metal halides 1-for-1
 Reduces energy costs up to 60%
 2 times more light output than LEDs
 Lowest lifetime cost of any light source
 Superb lumen maintenance, 70%/10 years
 Universal voltage standard 120/208/240/277
 Unlimited On/off cycles with instant re-strike
 Easy installation for new and retrofit
 Dimming and Step-dimming for added savings
 Operates 800 degrees cooler than HID
 Scotopically enhanced 5000K, 90+CRI light