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The Ultra-Aire XT150H high-capacity, whole-house ventilating dehumidifier features revolutionary XT (Extreme Technology) dehumidification. XT dehumidification allows this unit to remove up to 150 pints of water a day, provide fresh air ventilation, while using only an unprecedented 6.9 amps (7.9 pints per Kilowatt hour). The UA XT150H is Energy-Star® rated and provides effective MERV 14 air filtration. The Ultra-Aire XT150H effectively dehumidifies up to 3500 square feet and is equipped with R-410A, a more environmentally responsible, EPA approved and chlorine-free refrigerant. Whole House Ducted Dehumdifier
Blower: 415 CFM @ 0.0" WG
Power: 800 Watts @ 80°F and 60% RH
Supply Voltage: 110-120 VAC - 1 Phase - 60 Hz.
Current Draw: 6.9 Amps
Energy Factor: 3.7 L/kWh
Operating Range: 56°F Min, 100°F Max (inlet)
Sized For: 3500 Square Foot Typical
Water Removal: 150 Pints/Day
Efficiency: 7.9 Pints/kWh
Duct Connections:
  6" Round Inlet
  10" Round Inlet
  10" Oval Outlet
Air Filter:
  Standard MERV-11, 16" x 20" x 2"
  Optional MERV-14, 20" x 24" x 4"
Power Cord: 7’, 110-120 VAC, Ground
Drain Connection: 3/4" Threaded NPT
Dimensions: 39.5"W x 22"H x 20 5/8"D

*AHAM standard testing conditions are 80°F and 60% RH.

Made in the USA

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