Cyber-Rain Wireless
Programmable Sprinkler Controller Cyber-Rain XCI

Cyber-Rain is a ground-breaking, yet remarkably simple system, that uses the power of the internet and your PC to wirelessly control your lawn and garden sprinkler system. It conserves water by adjusting the watering schedule automatically based on real-time weather and seasonal conditions.

Pays for itself in water savings in a few months.
It stops your sprinkler system when it is raining. The watering schedule is decreased automatically on cold and humid days and increased for hot and dry days. You never have to worry about your sprinkler schedule. It also divides your water runs into cycle & soak segments to eliminate water run-off.

Program your lawn sprinkler system from your PC
Setting up your system and programming your controller takes just a few keystrokes. Zone names are text based and are displayed as text on the controller. After the initial setting, you can forget about your sprinkler system. However, behind the scenes, your system works day and night, adjusting the settings based on weather conditions, seasons, etc.

Item Number: WS-CybRain

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Many parts of the US and the world are facing a severe shortage of fresh water. This may be the next resource crisis for many communities.

Current Cyber-Rain owners save an average of 36% of their water use. Those with large yards have saved up to 70%!

More Features

Automatically Adjusts to your current weather

Connects to the internet for real time weather data and adjusts the watering schedule you set up in an easy-to-use interface.
Fully control up to eight zones.