Atmospheric Water Generator
Liquid-Air Residential Machine Extracts Pure, High-Quality Drinking Water from the moisture in the air we breathe.

Through the use of Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet technology the purest drinking water available is produced without the use of any chemicals, while the Anti-bacterial/Fungus air filters also clean the air in the office or home.

Operating indoors, the Atmospheric Water Generator creates up to 7.5 gallons of drinking water in a 24 hour period, and can store up to 3 gallons on board.

Water is dispensed cold at 39°F and hot up to 195°F, perfect for instant soups, coffee, tea and other food products.


 Digital Display - Offers easy to read graphics and monitoring of all working components and settings.

 Electronic Sensors - Found on all critical components alerting customer to irregularities.

 Energy Efficient - Automatically shuts off when storage capacity has been achieved.

 Anti-Bacterial/Fungus Air Filter - Removes air borne particles and returns clean air into the surroundings.

 7-Stage Purification System - Guarantees pure, safe, chemical free drinking water.

 Quiet Operation - Lower db levels than standard water coolers.

 Easy Maintenance - All filters as equipped with quick disconnect connectors

Item Number: WS-AWG-1

Unit of Issue: System

Price: Quoted

Voltage: AC115V
Frequency: 60Hz
Operating Watt: 495W
Heating Watt: 500W
Refrigerant: R22/R407c
Prod. Cap: 7.5gal/24hr
Storage Cap: 3 gal
Temp. Range: 39° - 195°F
Hum. Range: 35% - 95%
Size: 15.4"X15.6"X39.4"
Weight: 91lbs

What is the real cost
of bottled water?

Article, Environmental Graffiti

A four year review of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found that 25% or more of all bottled water is really just Tap Water in a Bottle. Of the plastic used to package the 6 billion gallons of bottled water sold in the United States each year, more than 80% of it ends up clogging landfills and littering the landscape and shoreline, spreading toxins into ground water and the ocean.