Water Saving Systems
1.6 Gallon "Flapperless" Toilet

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Low Flush Toilet

Conserve water with the best flushing toilet ever.

 No flappers to leak or be replaced!
 Tamperproof flush cannot exceed 1.6 GPF.
 Patented Flapperless design with quick positive flush.
 Unique tank coupling for application in both 10" and 12" rough-ins.
 Huge 10" x 20"footprint avoids costly flooring repairs.
 Large water surface for a clean bowl
 Ultra-low flush vitreous china water closet with round front.
 All USA Trim. Fluidmaster Fill Valve.
 Meets local building codes and rebate requirements.
 Meets or exceeds all ANSI/ASME/CSA water conservation requirements. Certified and listed by IAPMO.
 Approved by the City of Los Angeles
 10 year guarantee.
Easily Retrofits onto existing plumbing

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