Wind-Pact Plus
Large Missile Impact Windows
Vinyl Impact Insulated Window

WIND-PACT PLUS vinyl impact windows feature specially designed heavy duty extruded vinyl frames with multiple chambers, as well as insulated laminated glass for superior strength and energy efficiency. All windows feature block and tackle balancers for smooth operation, with removable sash and removable screen for ease of cleaning. Windows over 30" wide feature double locks. All Vinyl Frame windows meet or exceed the Florida Codes and feature substantially high design pressures.

WIND-PACT PLUS vinyl large missile impact windows are manufactured with Cardinal Sea-Storm laminated glass. This glass was designed to pass the stringent Dade County protocol for windows used in high wind-speed coastal areas. It is produced by bonding a combination of plastic vinyl layers and polyester film between two panels of glass into a single sheet. Cardinal Sea-Storm laminated glass looks like ordinary glass, but protects like a shield against accidental impact, forced entry, sun damage and unwanted noise.

PLUS, Cardinal offers their patented LoE³ Coatings that are virtually invisible to the eye but provide significant savings on your home energy bill. With a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 and a Winter U-Value of 0.33, glass coated with LoE³ Coatings keep heat outside during summer and inside during winter. For beautiful windows that stand up to just about anything AND save energy, choose WIND-PACT PLUS with Cardinal Sea-Storm with LoE³ Ultimate Performance Glass.

WIND-PACT Plus Offers Peace of Mind
Against Hurricanes    Against Intruders
Against High Energy Bills Reduce outside noise
Protect against flying glass
Resist forced entry Save Energy with LoE³ glass

Item Number: WN-WP-*

Styles:  Single Hung - *SH
Horizontal Slider - *HS
Casement - *C
Sliding Doors - *SD

Colors: White and Adobe

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How will the right window protect my roof?
Wind Intrusion
Wind enters a broken window, lifting the roof and stressing the walls.
Wind Deflected

Solid laminated impact window helps preserve building integrity.
Energy Efficient LoE³ Coatings reduce solar heat gain in laminated glass. Cross Section