All U.S. Made PV Package Dual Axis Tracker

Photovoltaic Systems designed for your needs and situation using components all manufactured in the US.

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Made in the US


American Made POWERTEC® PLUS modules use a monocrystalline cell technology with a module efficiency of up to 15.27%.  Tolerances of up to +5 watts guarantee maximum power without compromise.  Nominal power is consistently obtained and exceeded.  Modules are guaranteed to produce 90% of their nominal power for 12 years and 80% for 30 years.  With a 10-year product warranty, POWERTEC® PLUS modules go far beyond competitors’ standards.  Every module passes rigorous optical, mechanical, and electrical quality control and are certified according to the most stringent North American and international standards.
Inverters Sunny Boy Inverter
All our inverters are designed to provide superior performance at a competitive price. Sunny Boy inverters are UL certified and feature excellent efficiency. Graduated power classes provide flexibility in system design. The SolarEdge inverter combines a sophisticated, digital control technology and a one stage, ultra-efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior performance – over 97% efficiency and best-in-class reliability.
Monitors Solar Edge Combination Box
The Sunny WebBox is a powerful communications tool that allows the performance data of your solar power system to be logged and easily transmitted via modem or Ethernet to the internet or directly to your PC.   The SolarEdge Monitoring Combiner Box with GFDI allows you to enjoy a high level of system performance monitoring and exceptional system safety.  The box detects string leakage and isolates the faulty string, ensuring other strings are not affected, and immediately provides on-site and web indication as well as email fault notification.
Mounting Solar Edge Combination Box
With high-quality mounting and fastening systems for photo voltaic modules and solar thermal collectors you can create a solid foundation for any solar system on sloped roofs, flat roofs, open areas and façades.  A wide range of flashing materials and mounting rails provide the flexibility to fit any need.