Solar Dual Axis Tracker
Dual Axis Tracker

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The Solar Dual Axis Tracker is a device for orienting PV panels toward the sun throughout the day. Solar modules generate more power when sunlight is perpendicular to the panel. Dual axis trackers can increase energy output by as much as 42%! Dual axis trackers keep the solar panel "locked-on" to the sun all day, all year round.


Sturdy V-shaped structure of hot-dipped galvanized steel is corrosion resistant and capable of withstanding 110 mph winds. The flexible mounting system is compatible with all standard flat solar modules.

Allows rapid installation with no excavation, tracker mounts on its foundation in minutes. Pre-wired electrical assemblies and simple pre-assembly on the ground allow efficient array installation. 25 year + operation design, weather-tight electrical cabinet, and surge protection reduces required maintenance to once per year.


Features precise tracking control with Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), utilizing astronomical data. There are no sensors to be confused by cloudy days. The tracking program allows interconnection between trackers for remote monitoring and control. Motor status, orientation, and power output can be monitored remotely and automatic text messaging warns operators of errors. Remote operation adjustment reduces on site maintenance costs.

Automatic control stows panel to horizontal position at night and when wind speeds exceed 43 mph. A connection to a meteorology station allows complete automatic positioning control to respond to weather conditions. The horizontal night-time position provides passive theft deterrence and automatic detection of panel disconnection with text message warning creates a practical theft alarm system.