Ecological Permeable Paver System
    The Bio-Aquifer Storm System (BASS™)


The BASS™ method of construction integrates specifically designed pavers in an engineered system that will allow for collection of stormwater runoff and support heavy axle loads for roadways and parking lots. In addition, due to the types of aggregate used, a natural filtration process will occur and pollutants that are removed from the runoff will be broken down by bacteria contained in the aggregates.


Eco-$mart provides support in all phases of the Bio-Aquifier Storm System design and installation. We wish to promote the Ecological Paver System as a structural best - management practice for nationwide use. As the representative for Advanced Pavement Technology, Eco-Smart has access to an alliance of regulatory agencies, engineers and owners that embraces the use of our system as the country’s preferred standard for acceptable storm water management.

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