PP Pure Performance™
Interior Latex No-VOC Paint

Interior Premium
Flat LatexInterior Premium
Eggshell LatexInterior Premium
Semi-Gloss Latex

Pure Performance™ Interior Latex Paint is the Perfect Mix of Premium Performance and Modern Technology.

Premium Quality:
Easy Application
Durable Finish
High Hiding
Excellent Adhesion
Bright,Clean White

Modern Technology:
Zero VOC
Minimal Odor
Mildew Resistant
Green Seal
Class A Certification

Item Number: PC9- 

Unit of Issue: Gallon

Price: Quoted

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 Specifications PDF

Technical Data Downloads

 9-100 Series PDF

 9-300 Series PDF

 9-500 Series PDF

 9-900 Series PDF


Green Seal Certified Pure Performance has received Green Seal Class A Certification. This is important to architects and specifiers following environmental specifications such as LEED Certification when designing green buildings. It lets them know that Pure Performance meets strict environmental requirements.

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