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7W LED Ceiling Spotlight

Cool WhiteWarm White
Eco-$mart Price: Quoted


Eco-$mart Price: Quoted



  • Aluminum heat sink.
  • No UV or RF interference.
  • Patented heat sink and optical diffuser.
  • Longer life than incandescent & fluorescents.
  • No mercury.
  • No ballast required.
  • 24VDC Exterior SMPS adaptor included
  • Solid state, high shock & vibration resistant.
  • No noise, no flickering.
  • 66%+ savings in energy consumption.
  • In accordance with CE, UL and FCC testing standards.

Applications:  The 7W Ceiling Spotlight has been designed to retrofit existing ceiling down light installations, thereby reducing maintenance and energy expenditures, and as an energy saving light source for new fixtures and installations. Adjustable beam angle to 30° makes it perfect for focusing light on displays or architectural features.

 Focal Lighting    Security Lighting    Retail Display    Hospitality    Residential lighting    Walk and Hallway

Ceiling Spotlight
Working Voltage: 24V DC
- Exterior SMPS adaptor included
Beam Angle:
30° Adjustable
LED Qty: 7 High Power LEDs
Input Voltage:
85VAC to 266VAC
7 Watts
Dimensions: 178 x 178 x 67.5mm
Ceiling Hole: 136mm
Luminous Flux:
   Cool White
   Warm White

~ 600 Lumens
~ 450 Lumens

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