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Wild-life Lighting Approved 59 Watt LED Retrofit for HID Turtle Lamp - Amber

59W 9R Amber

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The ECO 9R-Amber was specifically designed as a retrofit kit for existing wall packs, parking areas and roadway fixtures where wildlife can be affected by outdoor lighting. The ECO-9RAmber produces a peak spectral output of 588 nanometers that falls within the optimal wave-length range for sea turtle friendly lighting (over 560 nanometers). Energy savings and environmentally friendly design and manufacture make this retrofit a triple dose of ecologically sound. 10+ years of maintenance free service in existing fixtures.

  • Saves up to 79% of energy consumption.
  • Long lifespan, over 100,000 hours. Little to no maintenance for 10 years.
  • Safe low heat light.
  • Environment friendly, no UV and infrared, no mercury.
  • No light pollution with directional light.
  • Does not attract insects.
59 Watt Amber LED Retrofit for HID
Made in the USA using Cree LEDs

Applications:  The Eco-$mart Turtle light retrofit is Wildlife Lighting Approved when installed in a wildlife friendly fixture and used to meet minimal lighting standards. It has wide applications due to its retrofit capabilities:

 Landscaping    Service Stations    Clubs    Stores    Hotels    Restaurants    Gyms    Airports    Office Buildings    Factories

Technical Specifications: Specifications & Approvals  PDF
Item: ECO-R9-Amber
Power: 59 Watts
Base: Retrofit any
Size (inches): Varied
Voltage: 90-277VAC
Lumens: 2950
Nanometers: 585-595
Beam Angle: 125°
Approvals: UL Listed, CSA, Wildlife Lighting Approved
Replace: Any HID Fixture

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