Solid Teakwood Flooring

Item Number: FLTeak-Solid

Dark Chocolate Teakwood Flooring

Dark Chocolate

Color: Dark Chocolate, Honey, Mocha, or Natural

Size: 16mm thick (5/8 ") x 101mm wide (4")

Lengths: Random Length 12" - 72" w/approx. avg. length of 30"

Construction: Solid

Grade: Natural Grade- includes all the color variation and character including knots, cracks and contrasting heart and sap wood

Milling: T&G with Beveled Edges and Ends

Finish/Gloss: UV with Matt gloss

Installation: Nail down

Weight: Approximately 2.75 lbs per square foot

Warranty: 27 year Residental Finish, 3 year Commercial Finish

Environmental Certification: Manufactured entirely of wood from well-managed forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Installation: Teak Flooring can be installed on plywood, over existing wood floors or over dry concrete. It is not recommended below grade or in bathrooms. Sub-floor must be thoroughly dry, sound, flat and free of dirt, grease and wax. Use a good quality urethane adhesive/concrete sealer such as Bostich-Findley’s "MVP" for installation over concrete sub-floors on or above grade.
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Cleaning: Dust as required; may be cleaned as required with DAMP (not wet) mop with mild Hardwood Floor floor cleaning solution.

Color Change: True Teak undergoes an extreme degree of color change with pronounced color change from the highly variegated coloring found in material fresh sanded which then darkens to a golden brown with substantial muting of the initial color range over time.

Color Range: True Teak exhibits a wide range of colors when fresh cut, from pale yellows to orange browns with darker striping, all of which mellows into medium brown tones.

Site Sanding Issues: True Teak is known to have adverse reactions when many oil based finishes are used with this wood. Many oil finishes will not dry properly when used on True Teak. In general, most water based finishes work with True Teak.

Honey Solid Teakwood Flooring


Mocha Solid Teakwood Flooring


Natural Solid Teakwood Flooring


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