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3-Ply Engineered Almendro

3-Ply Engineered Pilon

3-Ply Engineered Teak

Item Number: FLTeak-Alm Specifications  DOC

3 times harder than Oak!!

Color: Natural or Red

Style: Engineered Almendro (Dipteryx, panamensis)

Construction: Three-ply engineered; Solid 3.5mm thick wear layer laminated over cross-linked teak core for dimensional stability. May be screened & re-coated twice, Sand & Finish at least once

Milling: Milled tongue and grooved all 4 edges

Size: 9/16” x 5” (3 3/8 special order)

Finish: Satin Gloss 7 layer high wear UV cured acrylic urethane w/aluminum oxide in top 2 coats

Hardness: 3,560 – Janka scale (Pine- 850, Walnut -950, Cherry, 950, Oak- 1250)

Core: FSC teak, wear layer of Teak is from same plantation. The other wear layers of the exotics are from managed second growth forests in Central America--All suppliers are screened for proper documentation and management practices.

Backing: The backing of the flooring is ALWAYS FSC certified but the species varies--usually a pine or euclyptus.

Warranty: 25-Year Limited Warranty for separation & wear-through with Medium Traffic

Environmental Certification: Manufactured under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC©) trademark. Consists of 70% FSC materials.

LEED: MRc7: Certified Wood, EQc4.4: Low-Emitting Materials, Composite Wood, no added urea formaldehyde resins in the glue used

Installation: Suitable for floating, nail-down, or glue down over sealed concrete slab.

Cleaning: Dust as required; may be cleaned as required with DAMP (not wet) mop with mild Hardwood Floor floor cleaning solution.

Natural Almendro

Natural Almendro

Red Almendro

Red Almendro

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