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Recycled Rubber Mat

Eco-Rubber Low Impact Pavers

Eco-Rubber Recycled Rubber Mat combines the slip resistance, noise reduction, safety, low maintenance, and toughness of Eco-Rubber with the beauty of 6 styles and over 100 color options to match your facility or home decor. Custom colors and design are available as well.

Eco-Rubber Mat is available in both square cut and interlock. The square cut glue-down method or the accurate and secure interlock method designed to create a quality, seamless, unified look to the surface. The interlock system makes Eco-Rubber Mat easy to install, and allows increased versatility when temporary or removable flooring is required. Eco-Rubber Mat is reversible, and transportable.

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Who benefits?
 Community Centers
 Commercial Stores
 Exercise Rooms
 Fitness Centers
 Golf Courses
 Ice Arenas
 Locker Rooms
 Ski Areas/Resorts

Dog Runs, Parks, and Kennels, Horse Barns and Stalls, Any Animal Shelter can be improved using Eco-Rubber Mat.

The finest recycled rubber, highest quality color granules, and consistent controlled manufacturing produce a surface that is strong, durable and retains its color for years to come.

Wheel Chair Friendly  Impact Absorbing
 Low Maintenance
 Low Noise
 Slip Resistant
 Water Permeable
 Spike Resistant
 Stain Resistant
Create Pavement Patterns