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Hybrid SIP/ICF

A patented structural insulated panel / insulated concrete form system. This stay-in-place form is manufactured full height, with window and door openings pre-cut, then delivered to the jobsite to erect and fill with concrete.

Item Number: BE-ICF-EW

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The forms are comprised of fiber rock exterior panels held by steel studs to a 2" thick interior closed cell foam board, with furring strips already mounted on the interior.

Foundations are prepared with 24" vertical rebar (as with concrete block), the forms are placed by crane (typical 10‘ wide sections), horizontal rebar is placed in the forms, resting on the steel studs (no tying of rebar required) then the forms are poured with concrete. The concrete pour creates a 4" solid concrete wall all the way around the building.

Fiberrated stucco is applied directly to the exterior boards with a link / bonding agent. The result is a stronger, faster built, more energy efficient, healthier wall system, competitively priced with concrete block. Replaces: concrete block, furring, insulation, tie beams, sills and lintels - all in one step. R-14 to R-24 insulation value, 250 mph wind tested, Miami-Dade product approval, no termites, no mold and mildew, low sound transmission.

Hurricane Resistant Solid Concrete Privacy Wall
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Hurricane Resistant Solid Concrete Wall
Sound Resistant Privacy Wall