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Designed to be installed in the Return Plenum, as the airflow passes through the BIO-150 and BIO-350's Aluminum Reflective Tube, the Patented Process destroys the contaminants that would otherwise been distributed throughout the ventilation system. These High Efficiency UV-C / V Air Purifiers are designed to destroy both chemical and biological airborne contaminants using one system.
The Parts of Our High Efficiency UV Air Purifier
The Turbulator
Turbulance Generator
The Turbulator is mounted at the very top of the High Efficiency In-Duct UV Air Purifier. The generated turbulance slows the air over the lamp and increases the time of exposure to the Ultra Violet Light. As the contaminated air hits the Turbulator, the fins twist the airflow, spinning the air around the lamp allowing for a high kill rate.
Aluminum Reflecting Tube
Reflective Aluminum Tube
The Reflective Aluminum Tube intensifies the UV light of the lamp and confines the air so it is forced past the lamp. Made from material that has the highest coefficient of reflectivity (the least amount of UV energy lost) the Reflective Tube "ping pongs" the UV Light, tripling its effectiveness. Additionally, the Reflective Tube protects the surrounding area from UV and allows remote installations as well as installations exterior to the air handler and flex duct installations.
The Patented UV J Lamp
The Patented J Lamp
The Mercury Vapor "J" Lamp is the heart of the UV Purifier. There are two portions of the Lamp. The UV-V section is used for oxidization and is the part of the lamp that destroys odors in the air. The UV-C section, the much larger portion of the lamp, is the part of the lamp that eradicates the bacteria and other microorganisms that pass through the chamber.

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