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From Small Light Industrial To Large Scale Commercial, we have an ERV Solution To Meet Your Needs. ConsERV™ provides a complete solution to meet your requirements – ranging from 50 cfm to 11,000 cfm in packaged units and custom packages available up to 35,000 cfm. ConsERV is the industry’s best performing fixed plate ERV as determined by our growing list of customers, and independent industry validation.

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Rooftop with Fans
Outside with Fan
350 cfm to 11,000 cfm rooftop fanned units with *options that can run independent or connected to all air handlers.
Indoor with Fans
Inside with Fan
350 cfm to 11,000 cfm indoor fanned units configured with *options to connect to all air handlers.
*Options include VFDs, pre-heat, motorized dampers, gravity dampers, temperature control, occupancy control, dirty filter sensor, air flow monitoring and more.
!tinydiamond.gifSmallest ERV Footprint
!tinydiamond.gifGreat for Renovation
!tinydiamond.gifFits most equipment rooms
Indoor without Fans
Inside No Fan
 A complete line of non-fanned units can be integrated into projects with existing fan capacity. Units can be stacked to provide more than 28,800 cfm if required. These have the smallest ERV footprint and are great for renovation projects as they can easily fit in most existing equipment rooms.
Custom Units
Custom Applications
Larger system requirements are addressed with multiple systems, or the integration of ConsERV cores (orcore cassettes) into custom built enclosures to meet these special project needs. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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