Wool and Grass Carpets
Classic Wool
Madrid - 4 colors Alfa is a 100% Wool heathered berber loop in three colors. Balmoral Quality Balmoral Quality is a unique blended yarn tufted into a patterned loop in 3 colors. Balmoral Texture Balmoral Texture is a textured loop construction in 3 slightly heathered shades.
Chaparral Wool Chaparral is 100% wool with textural loop design in three natural shades. Madrid - 4 colors Madrid is a wilton-looking, heathered low-level loop in 4 classic colors. Madrid - 4 colors Malta is a 100% wool, heavy staggered loop in 4 colors.
Melbourne - 2 Colors Melbourne is a 100% Wool, heathered low level loop in 2 colors. Monaco - 2 Colors Monaco is a wilton-looking textured low loop shown in 2 slightly heathered shades. Monaco - 2 Colors 100% Wool in a chevron-patterned low loop in 3 slightly heathered shades.
Colors will vary with screen and printer configuration. See your Eco-$mart Representative for a physical sample.