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Using PDF995 to Convert a File to PDF
 Click Here to Download PDF995

Downloading: 2 Parts
1) Download/Install the PDF955 Printer Driver.
When the Download Dialog Box opens, click "Save". Once the Download is complete Click "Open" and the Printer Driver will install. It only takes a few seconds. A page will open notifying you of a successful installation.
2) Download/Install the PDF955 Free Converter.
When the Download Dialog Box opens, click "Save". Once the Download is complete Click "Open" for installation as above.
Both of these files may also be installed by double-clicking on the file in the folder in which you saved them.
Total File Size: 4.3Mb
Est. Time for entire process: Cable/DSL, 2 minutes. Dial-up, 10 minutes.

Converting My Catalog to PDF:
This may look complicated, but it is easy to do if you understand that PDF995 acts like a printer. When you select it as the printer to use in the Print Dialog Box, instead of printing to paper, it "prints" a PDF.

For Multiple Pages:
1) Open "My Catalog for PDF" and Submit your selected pages.
2) Double Check your Selection on the following page.
3) Click "Print"

For One Page:
Click the "Print this Page" link on any Catalog Page.
   ...A print page will open in a new window. Once the page is loaded, the Print Dialog Box will open.
3) In the Print Dialog Box, select "PDF955" from the Drop Down List of Printer Names.
4) Click "OK"

   ...A Save As... Dialog Box will open.
5) Name the file whatever you would like, and click "Save".
   ...The PDF955 Window will open.
6) Click "Continue Using Sponsored Version" to use the free converter. This does not affect the function of the converter.
   ...In a few moments, the PDF will be saved and Adobe Reader will open displaying your new PDF.

File Size and Time for entire process depends on the number of pages in the file to be converted.
Occasionally, there may be times during this process when it appears that your computer is inactive. Patience Pays.

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