Eco-Gen MW Back Up Power Fuel Cell
Back Up Power Fuel Cell

Item: FC-Eco-Gen-MW

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The Eco-Gen MW System is an extended run backup power fuel cell system, available in 2.5 kW and 5 kW configurations. The system includes a fuel reformer that converts methanol and water liquid fuel into hydrogen gas to power the fuel cell system.

The Eco-Gen MW System is designed for high reliability, long autonomy and minimal maintenance. Operating on HydroPlus, methanol and water liquid fuel, the Eco-Gen MW generates its own hydrogen, onsite and on demand, eliminating the need for delivery and storage of hydrogen, providing power for the long run.

  Extended Run Options Backup power for days, not hours.   Onsite and On-Demand Hydrogen Production Eliminates delivery, handling, and storage of bottled hydrogen.   Advanced Technology Utilizes commercially proven Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology.   Reliable System Dependable performance over a wide range of temperatures.   Scalable Systems Up to 15 kW power output.   Low Maintenance Lower life cycle costs compared to higher maintenance diesel and propane generators.   Clean Technology Significantly lower environmental impact than both generators and batteries.

Power Rating: • 2.5 kW  • 5 kW
Nominal Voltage: • 24 Vdc  • 48 Vdc
Voltage Adjustable 23 to 28 Vdc, 46 to 56 Vdc
Run Time
(Standard 59 Gal Tank):
• 100 Hours @ 2 kW Output Power
• 40 Hours @ 5 kW Output Power
Dimensions ( WxDxH ): 1.35 x 1.15 x 1.76 m (53 x 45 x 69 in)
Footprint ( WxD ) 1.32 x 0.85 m (52 x 34 in)
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Weight: 295 kg (650 lbs)
Certifications: CE and ANSI / CSA FC-1

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