We are not the manufacturer of Home Depot lights

We are not the manufacturer of Home Depot lights

We do not sell any LED or CFL lamps to Home Depot, nor do we manufacture any lamps. We are a distributor. Home Depot simply uses a similar name to our website URL ( for their private label lamps “Ecosmart”, made for them by several different manufacturers, none of whom are us. Please contact Home Depot for any warranty or technical support.

Here’s what we understand:

Home Depot created a policy of in-store replacement – here is their internal memo: If you print this out and take it to Home Depot with the failed lamps, you should get new ones.

We understand that there has been a recall from the manufacturer who makes LED “EcoSmart” lamps for Home Depot: Lighting Science Group, (321) 779-5520,

About the recall (note several private label names including “Ecosmart”):
For CFL “EcoSmart” lamps, these are made in China for Home Depot. We understand the company is TCP and their phone number is 800-378-6998.

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