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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much water can the Brac System hold?
A: The Brac System was designed to hold 200 liters (48 gallons). If your water usage goes over that mark, the surplus will automatically be drained out so as not to overload or cause water damage.

Q: How much water will the Brac System save me?
A: The Brac System will save approximately one third of your total water usage.

Q: What is involved in cleaning the Brac System?
A: There are two simple cleaning procedures: Cleaning the filter, and flushing the holding tank.

Q: How do I clean the filter? And how often?
A: Every two to three weeks, simply remove the filter and rinse it. Soaking the filter in a vinegar solution on occasion is also recommended.

Q: How do I flush out the tank? And how often?
A: Drain the holding tank through the cleanout valve, add a vinegar solution, allow to soak for a short time, and drain again. This should be done two or three times a year.

Q: Are there any other products I should use with my Brac System?
A: We recommend dropping a Lysol Brand Continuous Action Toilet Cleaning Tablet through the filter housing into the bottom of the tank every eight weeks or so. We prefer the Lysol tablets, because they use no dyes that may stain the tank, and contain both chlorine and a clearing agent. The use of Lysol tablets will prevent the growth of bacteria in the tank, and any accompanying odors. You may also choose to use a tablet of your choice in your toilet tanks.

Q: How hard is it to install a Brac System?
A: While the connections are not difficult, your Brac System should only be installed by a qualified professional plumber. In new construction, it is easy to design the system into the plumbing of the home. In an existing home, new water supply lines for the toilets will need to be installed, and some of your drains will need to be rerouted. You should consult a plumber for an evaluation of your existing construction to determine the feasability/difficulty of installing a Brac System in your particular situation.

Q: Do Brac Grey Water Systems work with Septic Tanks?
A: Yes. There could be problems with older, smaller septic systems that are already operating on the edge of failure, but a well maintained Septic System will work with a Brac System. Rather than using the swimming pool type tri-chlor tablets, septic system users should use the Lysol Brand Continuous Action Toilet Bowl Cleaner tablets that we recommend above.

Q: What happens in the event of an extended power outage, or if my Brac System needs to be removed for some reason?
A: When your plumber installs your Brac System, he should install a fresh water bypass with ball and check valves between the fresh water supply and the grey water outlet lines. This will allow you to easily supply your toilets with fresh water (and prevent the contamination of your fresh water with grey water) in the event of an extended power outage or removal of the tank. If the tank must be removed, a drain pipe can be easily fitted between where the grey water inlet and over flow drain entered the tank, diverting your bath water to the sewer.

Q: Is a basement necessary to use the Brac System?
A: Not necessarily. The transportation of grey water to your Brac System is by gravity, so as long as the bathtub/shower/laundry drains are above the inlet of the filter housing, the system will function. However, there are pumps available (laundry tub and bar sink pumps) that are designed to transport drainage to a higher level. If your home is single level with no basement, such a pump could be a solution for you.

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