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IZI-flow Foot Pedal Faucet Control

Double ValveSingle Valve
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Foot Petal Faucet Control

  Water conservation  Hygiene
Convenience  Non electric
Easy to install  Reliable

No need to touch the faucet after washing your hands!

Water Saving
Save up to 70% of water when using IZIFLOW™. Never leave water running for longer than needed.

Energy Saving
Lower Water Heating bills by saving the water that runs while you are turning the faucet on and off.

Hands are free to work. Turn water on and off with your foot!

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Easily installed!
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Double Valve Single Valve
WS-IF02-P Double Valve - Integrated Pedal WS-IF01-M Single Valve - Mouse Pedal
WS-IF02-M Double Valve - Mouse Pedal WS-IF01-P Single Valve - Integrated Pedal
Valve Options Pedal Options

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