0.8 Gallon Ultra High Efficiency Toilet 0.8 Gallon UHET Water Saving Toilet

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Offered in both round front and elongated models and adaptable to fit a standard 12" roughing installation,
the 0.8 Gallon Ultra High Efficiency Toilet easily replaces your existing toilet.

The 0.8 Gallon Ultra High Efficiency Toilet harnesses pressurized air from the tank-filling process and uses it to produce a more powerful flush using less water than any other water saving toilet on the market. The patented hydraulic technology allows a low profile design, increases the water surface in the bowl, and produces the quietest flush available.

Potential Savings of 20,000 gallons per year
Annual water savings based on 3.5 GPF Toilet with 4 people / 5 flushes per day
Conserves up to
200,000 gallons
in its lifetime.
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