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Storm Catcher Screen Mounting Track

Smart Trax is a patented, Florida Building Code approved method of installing your Storm Catcher Screen mounting track at the same time you install your windows. This eliminates the unsightly appearance of steel panel anchor holes, shutter tracks or roll-down shutter hoods around your windows.

Attached at the top and bottom of your new windows and stuccoed in at time of installation, Smart Trax is virtually invisible. It fits over the flange of almost all aluminum frame windows, providing a simple method of mounting your Storm Catcher hurricane protection screens. Smart Trax can also be bent to fit your arched windows.

The combination of Smart Trax and Storm Catcher hurricane screens retains the original look of your home or building while providing the best hurricane protection available.

Smart Traks on Lanai Available in Manual or Automatic Roll Down

The automatic roll down option allows easy and fast deployment.

Entranceways can be left open until the last minute, which provides an easy exit for occupants in case of an emergency.

"Smart Trax can also be bent
to fit your arched windows."

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