Storm Catcher
Storm Catcher Slide Screen

Slide Hurricane Screen
Installing extraordinarily strong and easy-to-install hurricane protection with the Storm Catcher Slide-Screen will protect your home from damage caused by high winds and flying debris. This system incorporates the end retention technology of the Storm Catcher Rolling Screen, using a lower profile track, with a simple deployment method that is an outstanding application for windows. There is no need to board up your home or office, leaving you in the dark for days. The Slide-Screen systemís super-lightweight cutting-edge mesh structure allows you to know whatís going on outside while youíre safely inside.
!tinydiamond.gifHighly effective protection for windows and doors against violent storms and flying debris
!tinydiamond.gifAvoids the cave-like feeling that aluminum and steel shutters produce
!tinydiamond.gifFast, convenient and easy to deploy
!tinydiamond.gifAffordable hurricane protection providing maximum defense

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